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Hear it from The Client || 27SqM Apartment

Hello Everyone...!! This is our “Hear it from the client” section were we post the testimonials, their journey during the work expressed by the client themselves. Awesome!! Isn’t it!!

27 SqM Apartemnt - Quotes framed on olive green wall

'HOME' ... Begins with aspiration, then becomes the target followed by achievement and finally the abode of peace, respite, comfort and an alter ego.

As time advances, home demands in sweet way for change and here start the new journey of creating new home. Needs get listed, ideas get spawned, creativity hops in, and once again the cuddler inside you plays the central role. I experienced the same gush of excitement, nervousness, tension, audacity when my home convinced me to get it revamped.

Had basic needs - Space, Openness, subtle design yet not plain, clutter free floor space, neatly spaced and packed area with absolutely decency. Same was conveyed to Hrishikesh, when we first meet. He was able to understand my basic requirements very well and precisely, hence the first rough sketch was almost close to what could have best done. With barely few changes, my house gain a beautiful rendition beyond my expectations.

Furniture was kept THE minimalist, storage, only what is required and what can be well grooved in, colours - pastel, Ventilation - the max. The key factors were to accommodate the washing machine in Bathroom area, changing the Kitchen platform from one wall to other and creating ventilation for Kitchen. Washing machine in bathroom area was a challenging task, as the bathroom was already a combined bathroom. Extra space for that washing machine was created by discarding the bathroom wall and creating a thick enough partition to hold Kitchen storage along with Temple. Ventilation for kitchen was achieved by dropping the wall between Kitchen and Bedroom, thus giving way to light and air.

With design and plan of action in place, the journey was started to change the entire face of small house to cosy little shelter. Persistence of Hrishikesh and his team, made it possible to surmount the hurdles on the way and execute the project to completion. As pieces started falling in place, my home had new sober, elegant and comfortable look.

Vinyl flooring was the icing on cake and gave the chiselled look to the entire design. That corner in my loving room, meaningful frames on the walls of living room just enhances the outlook of everything. Highlight walls takes the ambience of rooms to another level. Thanks to Bhumi design + studio crew to make my house into a comfy respite...Accommodating.

Thank you.


Parag Vaidya

27SqM Apartment

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