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Hear it from the Client || House #29

Hello Everyone...!! A heartfelt thank you for giving us a tremendous response on our latest blog article and helping us hit a milestone of over 500 views!! As a part of our celebrations, we are giving our viewers an amazing treat by launching a brand new section in the blog called as “Hear it from the client”. Awesome!! Isn’t it!!

"In this section you get to read and go through our client’s reviews, experiences of working with Bhumi design + studio and their retrospect’s."


"When does a city really feel like home? When you have a home there!"

'Our dream became reality on 1st April 2017. With heart filled with happiness, dreams in tow, we crossed the critical milestone of owning a home in the maximum city.

Both my husband and I are workaholics but since we gave birth to our son Arshvir, we wanted to slow down a little, be more at rest, strike a work- life balance of sorts. Buying a house was a step towards this goal. Having travelled extensively, (between my husband and me we have covered 15 countries), we wanted a reflection of our personalities in our nest.

However, with a pause in work speed (which meant limited funds) and world class aspirations for our home, my search for a home decorator began.

Being an online freak, I placed my request on urban clap. And Voila! My request was addressed. Got 4-5 options out of it. And one of them was 'Bhumi design + studio'. And I must say I was quite impressed. Their designs were contemporary, subtle and not over the top!

On digging deeper, I realised their nuanced design sensibility was a manifestation of their Principal Architect, Hrishikesh's double qualifications as an Architect and Interior designer. With the best of both the worlds, they pulled off my dream project. But as they say, never judge a book by its cover so I reserved my excitement for a later time.

Next, we met, we spoke, they heard us out, I’m sure they observed a lot, read between the lines. After this, we met again with the probable design of the house and rough estimate of the house. The moment I saw the design on their laptop (the screen of which I kept touching not believing THIS was happening to me)

Obviously the design was bang on! The highlight being the maps of the countries representing key time zones donning my living room wall. As our discussions progressed, I told Hrishikesh and his team to assume, a house not for three people, but for at least 8 people (since we hail from Delhi we would love to host family and friends every now and then). A herculean task to be achieved in a 2bhk, 886 square feet apartment. But they made it possible with their magic wand. Their architectural skills were evident when they decided to remove one wall and fill the space with ceiling high cupboards.

Second highlight of the project has been our Japanese styled platform bed, which covers 80% of our room. It has huge storage space underneath, has a study on top of it, a running work desk. Can’t visualise it? Check it out on their website, you’ll be blown away! ... click here

They used mirrors in the house quite sensibly, creating a mirage of a bigger house.

Besides their technical and creative skills, they were always patient, tolerant and considered our comments and suggestions which makes them an ideal service provider. I can say this because I have been a very tough client :)

Not just the Principal Architect – Hrishikesh More, but even his team - Vishal and Urjasvi are highly talented and dedicated. The carpentry team led by Kantibhai and Painter team led by Lalji- are highly passionate about their work. I remember how Lalji kept working on a wall, the colour of which I didn’t like in the first go. He persevered and eventually brought a smile to my face. It turned out to be the show stopper of our house (ref: the grey wall with maps here)

Partnering with Bhumi design + studio has been a bliss! Lodha built a house for us..... but Bhumi design + studio turned it into a home!

Thank you.'


Priyashree Budhiraja

House #29

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