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CW Interiors Sept 2018
CW Interiors Sept 2018


This modern apartment in Thane, by Bhumi Design + Studio, is high on comfort and functionality.


When one enters the apartment inside Thane’s Lodha Luxuria Priva, one doesn’t realise that it sits on just 767 sq ft. To make it even more challenging for the Bhumi Design team, the clients wanted this house built to accommodate at least eight people. “Thankfully, the original layout had a lot of scope for us to improvise. We stuck to our basic design philosophy of ‘keeping it minimal and making it functional’,” Hrishikesh more, principal architect, Bhumi Design + studio, says.   read more..

The Black Taj
The Black Taj

The design concept is evolved from the various structures built during the Mughal reign. Built as an underground structure a non-building, the project emphasizes on educating the locals as well as the tourists about the importance of their heritage structures.  

The design illustrates the relation between architecture and nature in a unique


Bhumi design + studio (Professional Category) developed a proposal that aims at developing the site by maintaining the layers of the old culture and developing the structure to cater the functional needs by incorporating the elements which will be gone in the transition if not documented and maintained.                           read more..

Kalanagar Re-thinking
Kalanagar Re-Thinking

The Kalanagar Junction, where five main traffic arteries merge to connect nearly 60,000 commuters per hour from the Island City to the western suburbs of Mumbai, the BMW Guggenheim Lab and Mumbai Environmental Social Network launched a competition to search for realistic solutions to the infrastructural tangle.


Hrishikesh More (Professional Category) developed a proposal that isolates moments on various elevations at the junction. Traffic moves on the ground and via underpasses. Dedicated public transportation routes line the periphery of the roads with easy access for pedestrians. Footpaths and a promenade bring pedestrians from outside the junction to the centre where connections to proposed green spaces and anticipated public infrastructure and commercial areas that can further develop the site into a community spaces.                           read more..


In 2012, UltraTech Cement Limited instituted a competition for students of Engineering and Architecture. We called it ''Innovate for India'' and conceived it as an annual event. While debating the theme for the inaugural year, we were collectively drawn to the inherent truth in Mahatma Gandhi''s words: that India lives in her villages. It''s a truth that we have come to disregard in recent years, the lens having shifted to urban Indian and its teeming metropolises. It made sense then—given that the competition was aimed at India''s youth—to design it as a journey back to the roots. And thus we were able to crystallise our theme: Mera Gaon, Mera Base.

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