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Get the look || 27SqM Apartment

Apartments in Mumbai are shrinking day-by-day. Smaller apartments are in trend these days… If you are owner of a similar one then this a perfect example if you are planning to re-decor you tiny home.

We came across a similar sort of an example in heart of Thane recently. I was shocked when we first inspected the site… Really!! Just 287 square feet of carpet space and we were offered to redesign the apartment. It was a herculean task which we accepted.

The layout of the house had a lot of weak spots which we first tried to fix.The main reason behind the refurbishment was to increase the efficiency, light-vent and counter space of the kitchen area. The kitchen was in a bad shape and uninspiring. It was also located towards one of the back corners of the home, isolating and cutting-off light and ventilation from the cooking space. The clients’ request was an open layout in which the kitchen shares the floor space with the other rooms of the house.

We had to undergo long design hours…. Some overnight stays in office as well to crack down the design. But the end product was worth it!! We made some smart changes to cater all the requirements of our client.

The Mood Board

We kept the board simple, no much of hotchpotch... white was kept base canvas, as it reflected light and made the space look sizeable. The Furniture was designed with a combination of white with wood, blending function with aesthetics, providing open shelving which offers a column of planters to become part of the decor. Keeping the confined space in mind, all furniture was designed to serve more than one function.Pastel colours were added to the board to add some freshness to the scheme, further highlighted with meaningful wall frames.

The Layout

Blurring the lines between kitchen and the bedroom we deployed clever organisational ideas, and achieved a seamless flow between the respective spaces. This gave us an opportunity to rearrange the kitchen layout. By placing the cooking counter inside the niche, it gave us the opportunity to maximise the counter space and floor space. The service space of the kitchen counter was kept unmoved, hence increasing the counter length. Sliding partitions give flexibility to the space, as during the day time they can serve as extended kitchen space by keeping it open and when closed gives a sense of privacy to the bedroom.

Cutting down the toilet wall short, opened up lots of options to try out and became talking point in our studio.To encourage more storage space, we zeroed on a multi-functional option which turned out to be heart of the house.A storage tower was designed by cramping the loo space, where this storage cabinet could be accessed from all the rooms. It works as a washing machine niche with a basin from the washroom side of the apartment. From the kitchen side a Pooja space, retractable dining table and a space for microwave and bulk storage and a Linear and compact accessories storage from the bedroom side. Can’t imagine?? See the images below…

Living room floor space was kept uninhabited by adding more furniture. A simple corner lounge seat with an extendable scissor arm reading lamp with two small tables slipped below, which could be used as centre table or a loose seat. Open shelf column allowed adding plants which gave liveliness to the scheme.

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