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Get the look || Client goes Scandinavian!!

Do you own an elegant plush apartment? Are you looking forward to transform it into a stylish, modern and pocket-friendly abode?

Here we have discussed about a similar prototype, check this out!!

Living room with seating arrangement and accent wall

Scandinavian design: It is a design movement characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. The idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be affordable to the wealthy, but to all, is a core theme in the development of modernism and functionalism.

Here’s how we designed an apartment in ‘Lodha Priva, a prime location of Thane’ with the same concept. A combination of “Wood and White” was used to give an exemplary look, which gets enhanced by a pastel colour complementing the surroundings.

Mood board

Green corner

Green corners – Planters breathe fresh life into your home. We think of plants as being green, yet there are many shades apart from green.


Framing can make a huge impact – As a contemporary interior designers, artwork displays are an essential part of our creations. We utilise the art to convey and reflect the personality and style of the homeowner.


Flexibility - So there's less space available in both town and suburbs. It's getting more expensive by the minute. Space crunch is an issue every household needs to tackle efficiently. A messy space can never harbour positive energy, hence efficient space management is the key to creating perfect ambience.

In this case, Spiritual space (Pooja room)in the house is visually separated from the living room by a pivoted and see through library unit,when needed opens up to create a bigger space.

Podium bed - Maybe you love your four-poster bed, Shaker bed or traditional style bed—most people have been sleeping happily on something like these for ages. But if you’re in the market for a fresh new decor, you might consider a podium bed.Many (but not all) podium beds are closer to the floor than traditional styles. This increases the perceived height of the ceiling and can make a bedroom feel more spacious.

Storage in bed - Some podium beds are available with optional or built-in drawers or shelves under the bed. These maximises storage space and help you reduce bedroom clutter.

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